How to Become an
Encouragement Activist...
during Covid-19

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Self-care is what can keep you healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually for a lifetime.  You can’t give out what you don’t have.

Lives into their personal natural wiring and STRENGTHS.

They know who they are and their best gifts to the world.  Take the Enneagram or Strengthfinder test and live into your natural wiring of encouragement and serving others.

Is PRESENT in the lives of those around you.

Who is right in front of you?  Family. Neighbors. Work. Telemarketers.  Store Clerk. Look at the people that you are with, in the present, and see them as people.  Care about them as much as you care about yourself.  Don’t forget this is a major difference between social distancing and

Starts by LISTENING.

An Encouragement Activist knows that actions speak louder than words.  This starts by being a good listener. What are the real needs in your family, friends, community, and world?  It is often not what you think it is. Eye contact. Authentic care. Good questions. Listening and authentic care without an agenda is a lost art.kin

Treats MONEY with respect.

An Encouragement Activist gives, saves, and lives on the rest.  Life is short and true happiness is found in giving. They live generously and with open hands, not clenched fists that hoard all that they have.

Knows the power of the WRITTEN and SPOKEN WORD.

A handwritten note is a powerful form of living out encouragement.  If you write a short text, leave a voice message, call a friend, or use any form of words or spoken word to encourage others, then this is a powerful part of being an EA. – Molly McCracki

Have authentic faith and live out those values.

Others will see you.  People can find information anywhere now!  They need people they can see and know personally that live out what they believe.

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